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Choosing Healthier Crackers and Snacks

Whether eating a between-meal snack or a snack as a meal, snacks are a major component of our daily diet. In fact, a recent consumer survey found that we eat, on average, 2.6 snacks a day with 41% of us snacking at least three times a day, on average.1 My family is definitely in the 2 […]

blueberry lavender champagne cocktail
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Blueberry Lavender Spritzer

This fizzy purple cocktail is delicious and refreshing. And if mocktails are your thing, replacing the bubbly with sparkling water makes for a floral and fruity spritzer that is a much healthier alternative to soda. This Blueberry Lavender Spritzer came about by chance. Summer is almost here in North Carolina and everything […]

asparagus and tomato frittata with sharp cheddar cheese
Breakfast & Brunch

Asparagus and Tomato Frittata

I love frittatas. They are such an easy way to prepare eggs, especially for a crowd. When we have family or friends over for brunch, a frittata is usually on the menu. This asparagus and tomato frittata is a perfect addition to any spring brunch. And it is so easy […]

creamy Caesar salad dressing,
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Creamy Caesar Salad Dressing

This salad dressing is a staple in our house… though it should probably be called a faux Caesar salad dressing since it doesn’t contain eggs or anchovies. Lemon-y and garlic-y, it is delicious and has so many uses other than on romaine lettuce for a semi-classic caesar salad! I usually triple […]

Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes

Whole Grain Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry muffins are, to me, the iconic muffin of childhood. Cake-like and pocketed with juicy blueberries, they are often made solely with refined white flour and contain as much added sugar as cake. What is the difference between most muffins and cupcakes? Usually just frosting. Not these muffins! These whole grain blueberry […]

Sources of sodium in the American diet,
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Salt: What happens when we eat too much?

Chances are if you have a favorite food, salt and sugar are high on the ingredient list. We crave sweet and salty foods, and food manufacturers and restaurants have been exploiting this preference for decades for one simple reason: tasty food sells. In fact, food companies use 5 billion pounds of salt each […]