About Feed Them Wisely

I used to think I ate pretty well. Cereal for breakfast, yogurt for a snack, a sandwich with carrot sticks for lunch, and only the occasional diet soda. I loved fruity rum drinks and always ordered dessert. But back when I was pregnant with my first son, I started to read about food and how different growing conditions could affect its nutritional make-up. This is when my journey began to better understand what we are eating. I started to read product labels and research ingredients. Slowly I began to change the foods my family ate. My motivation was simple: I wanted to feed my family the best foods I could. In other words, I wanted to feed them wisely.

When I have a question about an ingredient or food, I revert back to the research skills I learned in graduate school. I start with a quick Google search and then move onto peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, data-driven reports, and books by experts in the field. Please note: I am not a medical doctor or a dietician. I am, however, a scientist, a mom, and a passionate cook.  Everything written here is my own opinion. However, it is my researched opinion and I will always cite my references.

There are two goals for this website:

  1. To document and share what I learn about food. My knowledge and opinions are continually evolving. As new research is published, recommendations change. As I learn more, I think of new questions to ask. And I hope that you will share your questions with me too.
  2. To share the recipes I create or adapt. I love food and want to feed my family and friends delicious, healthier meals.