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information about farmed atlantic salmon
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Salmon: wild versus farmed

I grew up in Seattle where the arrival of Copper River salmon in grocery stores signaled the start of summer. When it was finally “salmon season,” we would eat salmon weekly (at least). Some of my fondest memories are of those dinners: a large fillet of grilled salmon seasoned with butter and a few simple herbs, a salad, […]

Comparing conventional and organic milk, www.feedthemwisely.com
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Conventional and Organic Milk

There are so many options when you go to buy milk. Skim, whole, 2%, lactose-free, organic, and ultra-pasteurized are just a few options and that is without broaching the topic of non-dairy “milk” beverages (more soon) or alternative animal milks such as goat milk. What milk one chooses can be […]