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which of these five foods could be genetically engineered?
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Genetically Engineered Food

A recent survey of Americans found that knowledge and awareness of genetically modified foods are low. And of those who have an awareness of GMO foods, more than half mistakenly identified foods that are not genetically engineered (GE) as being genetically engineered.1 This confusion regarding GE foods is at least partially a result of there being […]

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Choosing Healthier Granola Bars

There are days when I think my two year old would happily live on granola bars.  He calls them “cookie bars,” and most granola bars are just that… cookies, because they are filled with added sugar.  Some of the top selling granola bars contain more than 30% sugar!  However, granola bars […]

Comparing conventional and organic milk, www.feedthemwisely.com
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Conventional and Organic Milk

There are so many options when you go to buy milk. Skim, whole, 2%, lactose-free, organic, and ultra-pasteurized are just a few options and that is without broaching the topic of non-dairy “milk” beverages (more soon) or alternative animal milks such as goat milk. What milk one chooses can be […]