Claims Case Study: Cheerios

To better understand food claims, it is important to practice reading them.  Therefore, we will periodically evaluate claims on a popular food items. Claims with a red apple “” are claims that we believe are informative and provide useful information. Claims with a half red apple “wise-apple-50-01” are claims that we believe state obvious information (ie ingredients). Claims with an empty apple “wise-apple-0-01” are considered to be potentially confusing.  For example, these claims could be misunderstood if they are read too quickly or have supporting information located in a different location of the package.

Evaluating Cheerios Claims

Cheerios is the fourth best selling cereal in the United States.1 They are low in sugar and are frequently recommended by pediatricians as a first solid cereal for infants.2 Below is a recent photo of the front of a Cheerios box along with an evaluation of their front-of-pack claims.

Understanding Cheerios Heart Healthy Claims
Cheerios Claims Case Study


Remember, claims are advertising.  To decide if a food is “wise” or not, you need to read the ingredient list and the nutrition facts on the side of the package.

Interested in learning more about cereals and whether they are a wise choice for your family?


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