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About Feed Them Wisely

Feed Them Wisely is a website dedicated to researched-based information on food. 

Our goal is to provide unbiased information on a wide range of food-related topics, enabling you to make wise decisions about the foods you purchase and eat.

There are three types of content on Feed Them Wisely:

1. Researched Perspectives

Informed by peer-reviewed scientific journal articles, data-driven reports, and books by experts in the field, the information contained in Researched Perspectives strives to be both thorough and unbiased.

There are two categories of Researched Perspectives:

Understanding Food

Understanding Food contains in-depth summaries on food and ingredients.  Topics can range from food growing conditions to how eating too much of a specific ingredient impacts our health. 

Whether your interest is understanding the differences between conventional and organic milk or the nutritional differences between wild and farmed salmon, you can find detailed information on these topics and more.

Food Related Research

Food Related Research contains brief summaries of interesting food-related research. 

Topics can range from how your body metabolizes different meals to plating strategies to improve healthy food acceptance in young children. 

The research covered is always by respected scientists who publish in peer-reviewed journals.

2. Product Evaluations

The Product Evaluation section of Feed Them Wisely is all about how to choose healthier prepackaged foods. 

Each evaluation contains a summary of what to look for in a food as well as what to avoid. 

Additionally, we evaluate popular food items with these criteria to help you know which foods are healthier and which are mostly junk.

3. Healthier Recipes

This is where the healthier eating information contained in Feed Them Wisely is put into practice. 

The recipes shared on Feed Them Wisely are nutritious, mostly easy to prepare, and always delicious. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as my family.