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Gluten Free protein packed homemade Granola
Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes

Homemade Granola

Granola has been a breakfast staple in our house for as long as I can remember.  I knew it was easy to make, but I enjoyed choosing one of the many delicious varieties available at the store. What encouraged me start making my own granola?  I began to pay attention to the amount of added […]

understanding food packaging claims
Claims, Product Evaluations

Food Claims 101

Claims: those snippets of information that try to compel us to purchase a product.  They are everywhere, from product advertising to packaging. What is a claim? A claim is an advertising statement that is designed to elicit a product purchase. And while claims are marketing statements, US Federal Law states that these claims must be “truthful, […]

Claims, Product Evaluations

Claims Case Study: Cheerios

To better understand food claims, it is important to practice reading them.  Therefore, we will periodically evaluate claims on a popular food items. Claims with a red apple “” are claims that we believe are informative and provide useful information. Claims with a half red apple “” are claims that we […]

healthy whole grain protein pancakes
Breakfast & Brunch, Recipes

Whole Wheat Almond Pancakes

My boys love pancakes. If given the option, they would eat them every morning for breakfast. So, I wanted a simple recipe I could feel good about feeding my family. These pancakes are packed with protein and made with whole wheat flour. The protein in these pancakes comes from greek yogurt […]