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Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake

Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake

This Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake is my favorite dessert.  It is a rich and decadent flourless chocolate cake with a smooth truffle-like texture. 

Though delicious on its own, this cake is magnificent when served with some fresh fruit, candied nuts, or vanilla ice cream.  Plus, it is gluten-free, dairy-free and paleo.  Simply put, this chocolate truffle cake is perfect!

Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake for Passover

Decadent Paleo Chocolate Cake 

This rich and delicious flourless chocolate cake is my favorite special occasion treat.  It can be made several days ahead, so it is perfect for holidays and entertaining.  

Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake with Pecan Pralines

However, this paleo chocolate cake is simple enough to make that you don’t really need a special occasion to enjoy it. 

With just four ingredients, a few common kitchen tools, and a little time, this delicious chocolate truffle cake can be yours to enjoy!

Equipment you will need to make this Paleo Chocolate Cake:

  • 8-inch springform pan
  • Roasting pan or 10-inch cake pan
  • Stand mixer or hand mixer
  • Large metal bowl
  • Large glass bowl
  • Wire cooling rack
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Parchment Paper
  • Plastic Wrap

Why avocado oil is a healthy butter substitute

Avocado oil is one of my favorite oils to cook with.  It has a mild buttery flavor, so it can easily be used in place of butter in recipes. 

However, when substituting avocado oil for butter when baking, you have to make sure you add some water or other liquid.  Butter naturally contains between 20 to 25% water.  This is why this cake recipe needs 1/4 water added to the chocolate avocado mixture!

Avocado oil is a healthy option because it is made up of mostly monounsaturated fats.  Though avocado oil does contain some saturated fat, a 1 tablespoon serving has just 2 grams.  By contrast, a 1 tablespoon serving of butter contains 7 grams of saturated fat. 

Interested in learning more about fats and what experts consider healthy fats?  Read our post on Dietary Fats: What the experts think.

How to prepare the springform pan for a Flourless Chocolate Cake

Line bottom of an 8-inch springform pan with parchment paper and lightly oil the pan and paper with avocado oil.  You can also oil the pan with butter if you are not avoiding dairy.

Lighly oil springform pan and line bottom with parchment paper before making flourless chocolate cake

Wrap the outside of the prepared springform pan with aluminum foil.  This will help prevent water from seeping into the cake pan from the water bath.

How to make the Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake

Combine chopped dark chocolate and avocado oil in a glass bowl.  For a paleo cake, choose a good quality paleo dark chocolate.  If you are not following a paleo diet, you can select any good quality dark chocolate.

Microwave chocolate and avocado oil on high for one minute.  Stir and microwave for one more minute until chocolate is completely melted.

Stir heated chocolate and avocado oil until chocolate is fully melted

Add cold water to melted chocolate and stir.  Chocolate mixture will thicken and become glossy, similar to a ganache.  Set aside to cool while preparing eggs.

Paleo Chocolate Cake is made an avocado oil and water based chocolate ganache

Place eggs in a metal bowl.  I like to use my KitchenAid stand mixer to make this cake, though you can use a hand mixer.

Place eggs for Paleo Chocolate Cake in a metal bowl

Whip eggs gently until scrambled and frothy.

Mix eggs until frothy before adding to the hot water bath

Bring a pot of water to boiling and remove from heat.  Place metal bowl containing frothy eggs water bath and whisk constantly to prevent curdling. 

Continue to whisk eggs until they are warm to the touch, about one minute.  Remove the metal bowl from water bath and immediately begin to whip warm eggs with a stand mixer or hand mixer.

Heat eggs until warm in simmering water

Whip the heated eggs until they triple in volume and soft peaks form.  This takes about 5 minutes with a stand mixer.

Whip heated eggs until triple the volume

Add half of the whipped eggs to the chocolate avocado oil mixture.  

Fold half of whipped eggs into chocolate mixture

Gently the whipped eggs into chocolate mixture.

Fold egg mixture until just combined

When a few ribbons of whipped egg are still visible, add the remaining whipped eggs to chocolate mixture and gently fold to combine.

Chocolate and egg mixture completely combined

When eggs are no longer visible, the cake batter is ready to bake.  It is important to fold the eggs carefully.  If you just stir the eggs into the chocolate, your Chocolate Truffle Cake will not be as tall as it could.  However,  the truffle cake will still be rich and delicious!

Baking the Dairy-Free Flourless Chocolate Cake

Gently transfer chocolate mixture into the prepared springform cake pan.  Place springform pan in a larger baking dish. 

Paleo truffle torte ready to bake

To create a water bath, add enough almost boiling water to larger pan so that there is one inch of hot water surrounding the springform pan.   Carefully transfer the cake and water bath into the preheated oven.

Adding the water bath to bake the paleo chocolate cake

After baking for 15 minutes, remove the cake from the water bath and transfer to a wire rack to cool until at room temperature.  This will take about an hour.

Paleo chocolate cake cooling on a wire rack

Storing the Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake

Wrap cooled cake in plastic wrap and set in refrigerator for at least three hours prior to serving.

Paleo chocolate truffle cake wrapped in plastic wrap

For best results, let the cake come to room temperature before serving.

This paleo chocolate cake is the perfect make-ahead cake.  It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.  However, do not freeze this cake as it will change its texture!

Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipe

Best paleo chocolate truffle cake recipe

Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake

Yield: 12 servings
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Additional Time: 4 hours
Total Time: 4 hours 45 minutes

This flourless chocolate cake is my absolute favorite.  With the intensity of a dark chocolate truffle, this paleo chocolate cake is a rich and delicious chocolate dessert.


  • 1 lb Dark Chocolate
  • 3/4 cup Avocado Oil
  • 1/4 cup Water
  • 6 large eggs


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F
  2. Line bottom of an 8-inch springform pan with parchment paper and coat pan and paper lightly with avocado oil
  3. Wrap outside of springform pan with a double layer of aluminum foil to prevent water seepage
  4. In a large glass bowl, combine chopped chocolate and avocado oil
  5. Microwave chocolate and oil mixture for up to 2 minutes, stirring every 30 seconds, until chocolate is fully melted
  6. Add water to melted chocolate and stir until mixture thickens and is glossy. Set aside
  7. In a large metal bowl, mix eggs until frothy
  8. Place metal bowl in a pot of simmering water to heat eggs, stirring constantly, until warm to the touch
  9. Remove warm egg mixture from water and immediately begin to whisk heated eggs with a hand mixer or stand mixer. Continue to mix eggs until triple in volume and soft peaks form when beater is raised, about 5 minutes
  10. Using a large rubber spatula, fold half of the whipped eggs into the chocolate mixture until almost incorporated
  11. Fold in remaining eggs until just blended with no streaks. Scrape batter into prepared springform pan and smooth the top with the spatula
  12. Set the springform pan in larger pan and surround with 1 inch very hot water
  13. Bake chocolate cake for 15 minutes, uncovered
  14. Remove cake from oven and water bath and cool on a rack for one hour
  15. Wrap cake in plastic wrap and refrigerate until very firm, at least 3 hours


This Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake is best when served at room temperature. I like to let it sit out for at least an hour before serving.

1 cup unsalted butter can be used in place of avocado oil and water.

Nutrition Information:
Yield: 12 Serving Size: 1 slice
Amount Per Serving: Calories: 390.9Total Fat: 31.9gSaturated Fat: 12.0gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 19.7gCholesterol: 92.5mgSodium: 35mgCarbohydrates: 19.5gFiber: 5.1gSugar: 10.3gProtein: 6.1g

Tips and tricks for this flourless Chocolate Truffle Tort

  • Use a high quality chocolate.  With only four ingredients, it is important to use a high quality chocolate.  If you want this cake to be truly paleo, make sure the chocolate you use is free of refined sugar
  • Let the cake come to room temperature before serving.  Yes, this cake is delicious just out of the refrigerator.  But it is dense and you won’t get the same truffle-like creaminess if you eat it while cold
  • Don’t worry if you don’t have an 8-inch springform pan!  You can still make this cake if you have a 7-inch or 9-inch springform.  The 7-inch pan will simply make a taller cake and the 9-inch pan will make a shorter cake.  There is no need to adjust the baking time!
Best Paleo Chocolate Cake Recipe

How long can you store this Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake?

This flourless chocolate cake is a perfect make-ahead dessert!  Simply wrap it tight in plastic wrap and store it in the refrigerator for up to one weeks.  However, do not freeze this chocolate cake… it will change its texture!

Delicious Paleo Chocolate Cake serving suggestions

This paleo chocolate cake is delicious on its own, served with fresh berries, whipped cream, or even with candied pecans. 

Some of my favorite accompaniments include:

  • Paleo candied pecans
  • Fresh raspberries
  • Fresh strawberries
  • Whipped cream sweetened with a touch of maple syrup
  • Vanilla ice cream
Paleo Chocolate Truffle Cake with Raspberries

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Thursday 1st of April 2021

Amazing! We have a local chocolatier in our town that makes the best dark chocolate. My wife, who can't have dairy or gluten said this was the best dessert she's ever had! I made a raspberry coulis to spread on top and it complimented the cake perfectly. Thank you for the very detailed picture instructions. It was a big help!


Friday 2nd of April 2021

Spence - How fortunate you are to have a wonderful local chocolatier! I am so happy you and your wife enjoyed this cake. Your addition of raspberry coulis sounds like an amazing accompaniment!


Sunday 17th of November 2019

It is mentioned in the beginning that it is vegan... you might want to correct it since it has eggs. I usually see substitute coconut oil for butter but will try avocado oil next time . Thanks


Sunday 17th of November 2019

Miri - thank you for catching my mistake! I definitely meant vegetarian... as this cake does contain eggs. I hope you enjoy this cake. I find using a neutral oil like avocado oil really lets the chocolate flavor come through!

Megan Stevens

Sunday 29th of September 2019

Oh my goodness, 4 ingredients. This looks luscious, impressive and easy!! Thank you, super fun!


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Thanks Megan - I hope you enjoy this cake. It really is luscious and easy to make!


Friday 27th of September 2019

I love how very dense and fudgy this looks! I would have never thought to use avocado oil in a baked treat. What a great idea. :)


Wednesday 2nd of October 2019

Thanks Erin - Avocado oil can be a pretty easy substitution for butter in baking. Adding water to the recipe helps ensure the proper texture of the cake. Did you know that butter is 20 to 25% water? Enjoy!

Joni Gomes

Thursday 26th of September 2019

So I made this cake and I still cannot believe it's just 4 ingredients! Will make again, than you for the recipe!

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